• 12/4/14: Xfinity Asia — Interview by Chi-Hui Yang


  • 11/18/14: WeLiveFilm.com — Daniel Rester Review

“the characters are very well developed and the acting is terrific by the three leads.”


  • 11/14/14: Los Angeles Times – Sheri Linden review

“Droll, unforced humor and low-magnitude emotional tremors register persuasively thanks to the natural performances of the three leads.”


  • 11/14/14: Red Carpet Crash — David Ferguson review

“…well written and well performed. Mr. Mishra’s work is especially delightful to watch…”


  • 2/19/14: Seattle Chinese Times – Kelly Huang review

“…great cast and a refreshing storyline.”


  • 11/17/13: Winner: Best Narrative Feature – The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
  • 11/5/13: Film Guinea Pig – Michael Rajnovic review

“… proceeds as lyrically as the songs Ashok sings every day in his daughter’s garden. The Playback Singer isn’t just a feel-good flic…it’s a “make good” story…”


  • 6/23/13: Winner: Best Debut Foreign Feature – The Female Eye Film Festival


  • 5/4/13: Mingle Media TV Network  – Video Interview with Suju Vijayan and Mike Blum on opening night of The LA Asian Pacific Film Festival.
  • 4/29/13: KSCI (LA Channel 18) Interview – Video Interview with Suju Vijayan on the TV Show “Halo Halo”

“Very good movie, I even cried.”

  • 4/10/13: 90.5 KSJS – StrongArm Review + Navi Rawat named one of top 5 actresses + Piyush Mishra named one of top 5 actors!

“…will have you laughing and crying throughout. 8/10”


  • 3/20/13: Mr. Media – Video interview with Suju Vijayan and Navi Rawat


Here’s the video portion of the piece:

  • 3/13/13: Malibu Surfside NewsInterview and article about Navi Rawat with several mentions of The Playback Singer.

Surfside News Navi interview

  • 3/11/13: Winner: New Visions Award @ Cinequest – The Playback Singer wins the top prize.



  • 3/6/13: Metro Silicon Valley – Richard Von Busack review (member, San Francisco Film Critics Circle)

“Both rewarding and funny, The Playback Singer is one of the highlights of this year’s Cinequest. …this assured feature film is reminiscent of the work of Thomas McCarthy (Win Win, The Visitor)–charms with its tender, low-down qualities.”



  • 3/6/13: Phil’s Film Adventures – Philip Castor review

“…comedy gem. …Great film…”


  • 3/5/13: Stark Insider – Navi Rawat’s interview with Loni Stark at Cinequest.


  • 3/1/13: Libertas Film Magazine – Joe Bendel review

“…nice moments of honesty. There is a messiness to the characters that rings true. Avoiding quirk for quirks sake, The Playback Singer is a small but earnest film that exceeds expectations.”


  • 3/1/13: SF Examiner – interview with Suju Vijayan


  • 3/1/13: Buzzine – in depth interview with Navi Rawat and Suju Vijayan


  • 3/1/13: IndiaWest – in depth interview with Navi Rawat and Suju Vijayan and nice write up.


  • 2/28/13: Pearl Snap Discount – in depth interview and review

“A wonderfully moving and funny film for you to put on your must-see lists.”


  • 2/22/13: Popdecay – featurette


  • 2/19/13: IndiaWest – Nice image from film and write up as part of Cinequest coverage.


  • January, 2013: Film India Worldwide – Preview article from India’s preeminent film magazine.

TPS Film India 3

  • 11/1/2012: Caravan Magazine – In depth article on Piyush Mishra and mentions of The Playback Singer